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London Wisteria Company are experts in year-round maintenance of your wisteria,
assisting with pruning, wire support and encouraging maximum flowering.

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“At London Wisteria Company, our passion for wisteria is one born over a lifetime of enjoyment and expertise teasing the very best out of this beautiful deciduous climber.

“Now let us work with you to deliver a beautiful display 
of flower with the right professional pruning and year-
round care.”

Chris O'Keefe
Founder, London Wisteria Company & O'Keefe Gardens Ltd

london wisteria company

The Pruning Process

How & When


January to February

The key to success with wisteria is pruning not once, but twice a year. If you’ve never pruned your wisteria, we would suggest starting now. We can prune back your wisteria professionally avoiding drainpipes and gutters and set you up for the spring flowering period.



By pruning early, professionally and hard, you should be assured of an incredible display of flowers in early to late spring.



Depending on the season, you may be lucky and have a second, though usually less prolific flowering during this period.


Summer pruning

Our mid-summer pruning will allow sunlight in. We prune back the long whippy shoots of the current year’s growth to 5-6 leaves. This helps the size of the wisteria and also stops the plant growing into gutters, down pipes and into windows. It also encourages it to form flower buds rather than green growth.

Waitrose Weekend

March 2022

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london wisteria company

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